Team PHR stands for Power Heart Racing. It is an international clan for PC and Xbox One whom goal is to take part in online competitions with racing simulations.

    Team project / common rules

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    Team project / common rules

    Post by PHR Strazen on Mon Nov 30, 2015 7:01 am

    The team project is listed as follows with explanations :

    - Creating a multinational team.

    There are no nationality barriers as long as all of you speak and write english reasonably. If you have problems with english, I speak french (my mother tongue) and italian. The goal of this open world team is to maximize the chances of our competitivity. Every skill level is allowed. If you are French or Italian, good, we can speak one of these languages.

    - Paying attention to a respectful environment between all the members.

    If you desire to join this clan, it's because you want to progress as a driver and a person. That means a motivated approach and a collaborative way of dealing with each other. You must not harm other people with bad behaviour. You can joke of course, sense of humor is always appreciated. As with all the other clans, clean driving is required at the tracks. This means no crashing with all the team members, but also with everyone. An unvoluntary incident can always occur of course, for example you can make a mistake and overtake a car by crashing with him. In this case, just wait for the driver to be in front of you again. If you're overexcited when you race and you easily crash with someone, you will be gently warned until better change is demonstrated. If you're not willing to change for a respectful drive and communication, then your place in the team will be reconsidered.

    - Playing the most realistic simulations.

    Project CARS, Assetto Corsa and rFactor2 should be the main games chosen by the community. Free MMOs can be included.

    - Playing on PC and Xbox One.

    Please don't forget to mention your IDs (Gamertag, Steam ID) in Presentations to reach you in-game.

    - Having ambitions for all of us in terms of competitivity.

    To be honest, I'm not such a great competitor, I'm not in the highest rankings, that's for sure. I take this weekness with positivity and hope for the future, because I'm still young and have plenty of resources to progress. You can be a novice driver, an experienced one, an alien, every driving skill is welcome to join as long as we possess a sense of will, a precise goal to where we want to go (in a realistic way if possible, if we're not so fast and we want to be the champions in one year, it's probably not very serious). The philosophy here is to be as good as possible, in the present time. That means doing the best as we can at the track and outside. If we don't finish first, we don't have to be angry because better results can always happen, it depends on our will. Overall we want to participate in ESL and sponsorised events, also interclan contests. When we get to know new members, training sessions will be organized to evaluate your skills.

    - Promoting the members inside the team when they meet specific requirements.

    By default, every member's rank inside the team is set to Rookie, the minimum grade. After one week starting from the time of subscription where the members have shown a real interest in the team and they are present, they will be promoted as Veteran. As a special case, every member can ask for the Technical Director grade, even after the first post, if and only if they demonstrate to have good knowledge of sim racing world, that they have specific skills such as good speed and/or a nice Curriculum in racing simulators that they will have to show to the Team Director as testimonial of their good faith. It can be shown in different ways: socially and/or technically. All the Technical Directors become, consequently, moderators inside the team. They are very precious elements if they're good at these fields and constant. The Team Director status is irreplaceable and there cannot be more than one person. It is him who decides which is the group assigned to every member of PHR.

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